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Saturday, February 14, 2009


On the 14th February, STPRI paid a visit to Pulau Kuraman which involves STPRI Teachers Co-organized by the Geography Department and Empire Hotel & Country Club.

...Waiting (near the Empire beach) for the boat ride to Pulau Kuraman...

The "Boat"...but where's the driver..? ;)
Arriving at the Pulau Kuraman Island...Pulau Kuraman Resort...
Visiting the nearby "Nelayan Village"...filled wuth very friendly villagers and happy children playing around and tour guiding the teachers around the village...

Back to the resort..with the "chef" preparing the food!!
Special menu: Barbeque Chicken and Beef...emmmmm ;)
after the lunch the teachers moved on to the "jetty" and hiking for sight seeing..

...the main event i.e best activity of the visit was going to a nearby pulau (Pulau Mayat) for snorkling...

Returning to the Empire Hotel & Country Club, some of the teachers continued with fun & game activities - the Flying Fish Ride... a very thrilling and fun experienced..
[noted: not for the faint hearted heheh...]

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